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Today’s New Shifting Includes A New Style of Leadership

“But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty;” 1Cor. 1:27

I remembered that years ago the Lord put a word on my lips. It had to do with the rising of an army composed of those rejected and marginalized; the weak, the less privileged, the unknown. He said He was going to raise this army from hidden places and from the least expected backgrounds. I believe that time is now.

Perhaps the best example is the election of president Donald Trump. He has been labeled the worst of fools. He has been chosen to run the most powerful country in the world, when the media and the majority of the public opinion, would not give him a chance. His controversial statements and positions, his constant foot-in-mouth comments, plus his apparent insensitivity to highly sensitive issues, have been his trademark. Some would say this is enough to disqualify him from occupying the highest office in the land and in the world, yet God has chosen him for such a time as this.

America is in turmoil. Society is in such conflict that no one knows where it will all end. The present shifting that we are witnessing right now can only be compared to, perhaps at times, when this country began an uprising against the British Empire. All levels of society were being shaken when the colonies were in route to become an independent nation. Leadership from all sections of the country were coming to the forefront.

I believe the same is happening today. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is in need of fresh-leadership. Normally we would look at our greatest leaders. In the past, we would look to Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, T.L. Osborn, Katherine Khulman, the great evangelists and to a few prophets in the land. Today we have no big names. They’re all gone! Yes, there is leadership and groups like The Coalition of Apostolic Leaders declaring the launching of a Third Reformation.

I believe the word the Lord placed on my lips years ago is coming to pass. The present shifting is going to cause the birthing of a New Breed Of Leaders from the young people to those in obscurity. They will arise from all sides of society. Not necessarily from the pulpits of America but from the least privileged. It will be an army like the army of David. They will come from the down and outers, from ladies that have gone through the experience of misuse and abuse. Young, energetic voices as weak minded as Gideon. Those who have experienced the pain and suffering the enemy has thrown at them, but they are still standing. They will be in the business arena, in the street ministries in the entertainment mountain. From where we least expect He is going to raise them up! Even some who have been brushed by homosexuality and those who went through the suffering of prostitution will be part of this New Breed of Leadership. Yes, the oppressed, afflicted and depressed. He will cause the weak to become strong in Him.

The leadership style will not come from the pulpit of large churches but from the pulpit of suffering, and the pews of rejection and abandonment. Do not look for finesse. Do not look for politically or religiously correct people. This leadership will be different. I am telling you, they are on the rise as I write this article. The Lord is putting a fire in their bones, and their style of leadership is nothing we have seen before. Get ready. Don’t look for those in the mega-churches or television ministries. They will always be there. But the new leadership is coming from the foolish and the weak. He will put to shame the wisdom of the wise; He is raising an army of voices of all walks of life. They have a new style of their own. A style that has been carved in pain and suffering. They have gone through a great transformation and have been shaped by the hands of the Great Potter. Get ready! It is already happening out there as I write this Blog. Yes Lord, do it again.

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez,

Senior leader of Paul and Silas Ministries

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