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The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?”

-Judges 6:14

Gideon was the least member of the weakest clan in the tribe of Manasseh. His daily routine consisted of threshing the chaff of the weed to get wheat. In other words, shaking the weed so the wheat grain would be collected. That was his regular job.

But, Father God, saw a completely different picture. Here is the first principle to learn. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing right now. Pushing paper in an office, typing invoices in a computer, mixing cement in a construction site, traveling from town to town as a door to door salesman or collecting garbage in your city. Father God has a plan for you and wants to activate the purpose for which He has placed you in this planet. Gideon was way too far off even to get a hint of what was going on.

Israel’s economic condition was precarious and depressing, to say the least. They truly needed deliverance from the hands of the Midianites. The second principle to learn: God always uses that which is being oppressed to bring liberation to all.

It’s important for us to realize what was going on in Gideon’s mind. He thought himself just as a guy getting the chaff off the wheat, period. When Father God approached him with a real mission, he responded by saying, “I’m just a guy who pushes the chaff to get the wheat.” That’s all. Yet that did not sway Father God in His endeavor with Gideon.

He told Gideon, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?”

Notice, the command implies a greater strength in the sender than on the one being sent. “Am I not sending you?”

The story relates a simple truth. Gideon was saying to Father God, “I think you made a mistake. I just don’t think I have what it takes for this mission.” The truth is He sees your potential and knows exactly what you are capable of doing. He told Gideon, “Get your head out of the wheat dust and pay attention to me. I will be with you, and so, yes, you will strike down all the Midianites as if they are no more than one man."

What is your excuse for not activating God’s purpose in your life? Father God is saying to you, “Stop making excuses and move forward to liberate those that are in bondage, oppressed, in poverty and in hopeless situations. I am sending you to do this!”

The only opinion that counts about who you are is His, nobody else’s count. What Father God says about you is the truth. You are created in His image and likeness you are unstoppable and capable of doing the impossible. Go and be all Father God wants you to be.

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