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Finding Yourself

Lately, I am being driven to teach people about the importance of finding the alignment in our lives. This place is truly like a stream. It is the place where everything you are supposed to be will jump at you like a salmon jumping at the top of the stream.

I do believe it is fundamental for anyone reaching their full potential in life to first find out what they are supposed to be doing on this planet. That is the importance of alignment. Having made this statement now let me introduce you to another avenue very accessible to you but perhaps neglected. This avenue will also lead you to the finding of what you are supposed to be doing on this planet; but also most importantly to the finding of yourself.

You need to know how discovering your inner-self increases the sense of significance to your life. Something we all need to have a good perspective of as we pursue the finding of ourselves.

Everything we do in life will contribute to our significance; understand this before getting into the finding of self. The following Scripture will help us in this task.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” -Matthw 6:33

I am convinced believers and non-believers alike have very little understanding of what the kingdom is all about. For starters let me break down this verse for you.

  1. You need to know what you’re seeking for. How can you seek for a needle if you don’t know you are seeking or looking for a needle? You need to identify the object of what you are seeking for before you can find it.

  2. You need to answer the following question. Where is the kingdom? Is it in heaven? Is it on earth? Where is it? Let me answer this question for you so we can move on. The kingdom is comprised by the principles revealed in God’s Word. The kingdom consists of principles.

  3. And all these things… Once you find what the principles that make the kingdom work are, then all the things you are looking for, or you need, will come to you.

Now let’s paraphrase Matthew 6:33 and put it in our everyday language. “Seek first the principles that make the kingdom of God work for you and then all the things you need to succeed in your earthly life will be added unto you.”

The discipline of praying is great. A life of service to others is magnificent. Attending services on Sunday is a good habit, but if we never have an understanding about how to make the kingdom of God real in our lives, while on this planet, then all of that has no value. Now concerning the finding of yourself, here are three steps how you can do this.

  1. Learn to seek the principles that make the kingdom of God work for you.

  2. Learn to serve your neighbor at your best. When we serve, we discover part of what we are supposed to do on planet earth.

  3. Learning how the principles of God’s kingdom work, will enable you to find the route to finding yourself. It is a benefit of learning how to apply the principles of His kingdom.

Apostle Carlos H. lopez

Senior leader at PSBC.

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