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“But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great.”

—Luke 6:49

America, the place we call home, is going through a very challenging season in all aspects of its society. The things we all are witnessing are outrageous, to say the least. I’ve been in this country for 49 years. I arrived at the end of the 60’s. That decade was a very turbulent and violent one. The War in Vietnam had bitterly divided the nation.

There was an anti-war movement which was very strong in college campuses. That season was a very painful one for this country. It finally ended; in 1982 when they unveiled the Vietnam Veterans Memorial there were 57,939 names. Later additions made that total 58,200. It is one of the darkest chapters in American History. I remember some of the anxiety and pessimism that dominated the political discourse of those days.

Why am I writing about that sad chapter that took place decades ago? For the following reason: America is once again opening wide its doors of division. We recently witnessed the violence at Berkeley and heard of massive disruptions across college campuses. The difference this time around is not about a military war, but against a “war of ideas.” I obviously will not be able to address everything that’s going on in a Blog, but I can sound the alarm.

When going to the movies or going out to eat at a restaurant with your wife or family and being singled out and harassed for the only reason that you work for the present administration at any capacity is a sovereign and horrendous scenario. To hear people who are elected to serve the interests of the American people incite a crowd to promote this kind of behavior is way beyond my understanding of civility and the least degree of human dignity.

Yet this is what’s going on in this nation right now. I don’t take this lightly. There are very vulnerable people in this country, who hear this kind of craziness; allow this seed to fall in their hearts, water it and then allow it to germinate to eventually produce the fruit of violent behavior to harm innocent people.

We are to build with wisdom. Words are powerful. I know some may say I am oversimplifying what Congresswoman Maxine Waters said. You may say, nobody is going to do what she said. Wrong, it is already happening. In communist countries, families are sworn to be loyal to the State first, not their families. Could you picture a nation in which you can be persecuted for practicing your faith? America was founded precisely for people who were running away from a country in which they couldn’t worship the way they wanted.

Christians need to pay close attention to what’s currently going on in this country. We need to prepare and equip our children, so they can articulate their faith and make a defense of it when called upon to do so. Have them read and memorize Scripture instead of memorizing video games. I have nothing against such, but I think this generation needs more supervision as far as how to manage their daily spare time.

I had to say something concerning this alarming trend. I hope you can get the picture and protect your mind from what many can say is "innocent rhetoric". Believe me. It is not. There is a Spanish saying to understand a subject; “for a sample, a button is enough."

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez Senior Leader, Paul and Silas Bible Church

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