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We Can Change America By Training And Equipping Our Young People

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

—Proverbs 22:6

I am a strong advocate for training which carries the intrinsically meaning of mentoring. My ministry has evolved around this concept since the Lord began to ministering to me about this topic a few years back.

The title of this Blog is a true statement. We only need to see what’s taking place in our university campuses. It is a field dominated by liberal and leftist ideologues who are daily influencing the thinking of our future generations. There was a time when you could send your high school graduates to be educated. That has now changed. Universities are now militant centers of leftist, materialistic, gender oriented and anti-God centers with one goal in mind: The establishment of a leftist and atheistic elite generation.

For Christians this should be nothing new. We have been forewarned in the New Testament, that such things would be the defining characteristics of society in the Last Days. The problem has been, we have failed in not taking the correct approach to properly protect our children from this crafty influence. Attending church or “Churchianity,” if you allow me to use this unregistered term, was in fact our leading weapon. We selected to swing the sword of “church attendance” at everything designed to hurt the thinking of our youth.

Conferences, concerts, mission trips and similar concentrations of young people to emphasize a closer relationship with God, were our favorite defense to shield our youth from the materialistic and political agenda of a leftist and radical society. In other words, we decided to combat radicalism and atheistic views with spirituality.

Many believers today continue to believe spirituality is the best weapon we have to fight against the radical leftist positions, anti-God, racist and anti-life or anti-everything rising in the real world today. Nothing can be further from the truth! What we need is to take a preemptive and proactive attitude to nullify the onslaught of evil ideas promoted in every level of the educational system.

Train up your child is not reduced to a spiritual concept, it encompasses the whole-man. We need to equip our youth to think right. We need to have a militant approach in our cities and communities to select those with gifting abilities to speak, organize and promote, so they can be trained up and mentored to run for influential offices. First in their own sphere and then in our communities where our ministries are operating so they can have our backing and support to run for political office. Not only political but to run with every good idea that may influence and promote the betterment of our communities and cities.

We need to stop looking and signaling to others for the solution of our problems in our cities. We need to begin to activate the human talent and godly abilities in our youth to provide the answers needed. We need to separate specific time to train them so when they get to their colleges and universities of choice, they can be the Daniels and Josephs of their time. We cannot afford to waste anymore time! Let’s change the approach of pretending to fight everything with spirituality. Yes, we need to preserve the fundamentals of our faith just like Daniel and the three Hebrew boys did in Babylon. But let’s embrace common sense and the real need of shifting our thinking to a higher gear: The gear of shaking the world with the wisdom of the Kingdom we are called to establish.

Apostle.Carlos Lopez

Senior Leader, Paul and Silas Ministries.

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