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There’s A New Beginning In Your Birthing Canal.

"And no one put new wine into old wineskins or else the new wine burst the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins” -Mark 2:22

What is a wineskin? A colambre is a wineskin whose origin comes from the 16th century. In Spanish it is known as "bota", a boot. It’s a word used by Cervantes in "Don Quixote".

Here are a few points of reference before we get into the fullness of this Blog.

  1. When Father God ousted Adam and Eve from the Garden, He Opened up a season of New Beginnings for them.

  2. When the Lord died on the Cross, Father God opened a season of New Beginnings.

At the turn of this century the formation of a New wineskin, known as the Apostolic Reformation was introduced. It was a new beginning for the body of Christ, a new way of doing “church,” a new way of thinking. The title of Apostle began to be introduced. Until that time, the Office of Apostle was relegated to the times of Jesus and the 12. Now, suddenly, this Fivefold office, was legitimately introduced. In the same manner, I declare a season of a New Beginning is opening for you as you read this article.

Perhaps you went by the wayside. Maybe you lost your business, your wife or husband. You lost the hope of accomplishing your dream because of opposition and lack of opportunities to accomplish it. You got fired from the job of your dreams. You went bankrupt. You lost a loved one in an accident or you faced unexpected illness, etc.

I am here to announce that today He is starting a New Beginning for you. He is opening a New Season for you. A fresh and new opportunity to start it all over again. He did it in the past with the people of Israel. He took them through a process going the long road towards the Promised Land. They could have done that journey in a week, yet it took them 40 years. I’m not saying it will take you 40 years, I am announcing to you that He is taking you to a higher ground. He is utilizing your personal experience to equip you. He will give you priceless resources for your ashes. He is El Shaddai, He is Jehovah Jireh. He is the Creator of all things. He is taking you to a New season which will produce "milk and honey". I am announcing to you that this is your Kairos time! That Now time in which His creativity, His Mighty power, His unlimited resources are being made available for you right NOW.

I sense He is preparing the heart of His people for a season we’ve not yet seen. Signs, wonders and miracles are coming to the church. He is dethroning mindsets of cultures, strongholds of the mind, He is dethroning poverty and opening treasures in secret places for those that dare to believe for the impossible. He is bringing back the impossible dream to you!

This is what I heard from Him as I returned from a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The good news is, I am not the only one saying this. Prophets such as Chuck Pierce are saying and declaring the same thing. Rejoice and open your heart to receive this fresh anointing, of New Beginnings which is NOW just about to birth in your life.

Carlos H. Lopez

Senior Leader, Paul and Silas Ministries

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