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Last Blog of 2019: Breathe Favor in 2020

In writing this final Blog in 2019, I want to end it on a positive note. Yesterday as I was speaking in our Sunday service, I shared about how I woke up this past Friday morning with my mouth full of words on this topic. The Holy Spirit flooded my thinking and for about 5 to 10 minutes I couldn’t stop talking about Favor.

I wrote as fast as I could and truly, it was like a cascade of thoughts that I just couldn’t write fast enough about what the Holy Spirit was saying.

The Holy Spirit took me down a scriptural path of almost every major Bible character who had experienced His Favor. From Adam to Mary the mother of Jesus. It was just too many names and instances to write about. It was a wonderful experience. He wanted to make sure this theme of Favor was forever imbedded in my thinking, my soul and my perspective on life as I entered a New Decade beginning with the year 2020.

I am pretty sure He wasn’t just speaking to me for my own consumption and benefit. He was releasing a Word to me so I could make it known loudly for the benefit of everyone else. I’ve been in ministry for more than 40 years, and I know this is the case.

I thank God for the present variety of networking available to us today so that we can communicate a message and in a minute it can go viral. I’m not saying the content of this Blog will go viral, I’d hope that was the case, but I know better. It will not. However, it’s reaching you who are reading it and my prayer for you is that you embrace it, nurture it, live it and breathe it daily.

His unprecedented, unusual and supernatural Favor is being released NOW as we enter the year 2020. Let me suggest three simple steps for you to take advantage of this reality.

  1. In the same way faith comes by hearing, now that you are reading about His Favor being released, open your mind and heart and receive it with everything you’ve got.

  2. Confess it daily over your life, in good days, bad days, dark days, bright days, when under attack, when lonely, when you don’t know what to do. When sick or in health, when prospering or in lack, when facing difficulties or when you’re on top of the world; whatever your circumstances confess it daily…breathe it daily and Favor will manifest in your life.

  3. Know this, Favor can be conditional but it’s also unconditional. The Favor He is releasing upon His people beginning in 2020 is an appointed Kairos season. When Jesus came it was the appointed time for Him to be manifested upon the history of mankind. This Favor that is coming is similar in nature. 2020 marks the Kairos time for His Favor to be released upon His people. Embrace it: take ownership of it and you will see it manifested in your life in Jesus Name.

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez

Senior leader at Paul and Silas Ministries.

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