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What is a mentoring ministry?

A mentor is like a father. His or her purpose is to protect you, inspire you, motivate you, guide you, impart vision, teach you; but most of all -- loves you and wants to see God’s purpose and plan for your life manifested in you; so you can accomplish your God-given potential. In the same way, a mentoring ministry is inspired to do the same within the body of Christ. 

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Why do we need mentoring ministries?

Life presents demands and pulls you in every direction. A mentoring ministry has leaders that have passed through similar challenges you may face as you embark on your mission in life.


Although it will be your individual journey, many of the pitfalls, struggles, obstacles, etc., are extremely similar. Hence, these leaders are a great resource for you. They have walked similar steps and are able to provide ideas or unlock your creativity during this walk. These leaders will help with sharpening your skills or talents, such as a voice or dancing coach.


When we feel down and feel like giving up, these leaders will provide inspiration to continue to motivate you towards your spiritual destiny. A business minded person needs to connect with a successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur will stimulate and shape his or her business mind so he or she can also be successful. A mentoring ministry is a vehicle designed to assist you in successfully executing your given assignment in life.

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How should I identify a mentor?

We can identify the mentors in our lives by recognizing those who exercise the most influence in our lives. Be diligent when choosing a mentor for they will greatly impact you and your life's outcomes. Sometimes we will find that mentors can cause us some discomfort since they will challenge us to change our ways for the better - taking us out of our comfort zone. We need to identify the areas in our life that need improvement and then identify the mentor that can best coach us through these deficiencies. Ensure that your mentor has his or her heart and mind aligned with God and his Word. Your mentor will have evidence of good fruit. Once you have chosen to walk with a mentor or come under the wing of a mentoring ministry, be transparent about your intentions for mentorship and be sure the other individual is willing to provide the mentorship you need.

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The fruits of a mentor:

This is simple. The expression “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is one we can apply to the fruits of a mentor. Those who are truly protégés of a good mentor will reveal many of the same qualities taught as well as unique ones from their own strengths and lived by them. The legacy of a mentor is always seen in the people they have coached and mentored. You will see good fruit in his or her relationships as a father, mother, sister, brother, parent, friend, etc. There exists a healthy strong character that has an undying passion to see you connect with God's plan and purpose for your life!

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What if I am doing just fine without a mentor or mentoring ministry?

Just imagine how much more you can accomplish by widening your spectrum and listening to wisdom from others that have so much to pour into your life. A violin sounds beautiful. Have you ever heard an orchestra? Just imagine the music you can make. A three-chord thread is way stronger than a one cord thread. Can you make it without a mentor or a mentoring ministry? Yes. But why would you want to? God's design is that two are better than one so that when one falls the other can help him or her up. Collaboration creates innovation and innovation births renovation and brings restoration. Let's ignite like when a match on fire touches another that is not lit.

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We can find a mentor in all spheres of culture. These spheres have been categorized as (1) Family, (2) Religion/Church, (3) Government (4) Arts/Entertainment, (5) Education, (6) Media and (7) Business. For instance, in the workplace, a mentor can be the one who teaches you the skills on how to put a business deal together or how to act in a business setting so you can become a savvy executive. They can be found in the entertainment industry as the one who adopts you as a protégé so you can become the “voice” of your time. It can be that politician who admires your relentlessness and passion to pursue what others see as impossible odds. It can be that father or mother who sculpted your inner vision to succeed by setting an example for you. In these places and similar ones, we can find the mentors needed to become all we can be.

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