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The First Word For 2018

The race for life continues, and we must run to win the race. I have no idea about what kind of year 2017 was for you. Regardless of whether it was the best year of your life or a year you don’t want to remember due to the tragic circumstances you went through, the good news is all of that is now gone.

For many, this past year was a season of training. For some, it was a season of discovery; yet for others, it was a season of growth, new ventures, and new fresh encounters. Here are a few things you need to do for you to start the year on the right foot.

  1. Revise

  2. Change

  3. Try again

  4. Look ahead

  5. Prepare

  6. Invest

  7. Be courageous to stay the course to win the race.


Do an inventory of your failed initiatives. Do an inventory of the areas you intended to grow but failed to hit your mark. Be objective enough to admit where you acted the wrong way; and where you believe you did the right thing but saw no results. Once you do that, meditate on the overall results, and see whether you need to approach or reject a specific objective.


Believers should understand the crucial reality that if we don’t renew our minds and take appropriate action to see different results nothing different will happen. I will be the first one to recognize that change is a process and difficult to implement. But, that said, I also know that it’s the only way we are going to be able to see different outcomes in our lives. Do not allow, 2018 to be another year in which you continue to drag the failed attitudes and mindset that is causing you not to expand to the level Father God has designed you to be. Have the courage to embrace the necessary initiative to escalate to a higher level in 2018.

Try Again:

My granddaughter Olivia is just one year old and is beginning to stand by herself and take a few steps on her own, but then she falls. She is beginning to realize it’s going to take all her confidence and determination to walk on her own. Like her, do the same. It’s going to take everything you’ve got to make it a successful year. You can do it. Just do it again, not doing the same thing but incorporating, fresh determination and fresh ideas to make it happen.

Look Ahead:

When the Patriarch Moses died, God told the people of Israel. My servant Moses is dead. No more Manna. No more Column of fire. No more air condition cloud over your heads in the scorching heat of the desert. All of that was over. Do not look back to 2017. Yes, you can look and remember the good things of 2017, but that’s it. Look ahead. It’s a new opportunity; new doors are opening. New relationships are coming your way. Look at the horizon and be encouraged for what’s ahead not for what’s left behind.

Come back next month for the conclusion of this Blog. Make 2018 your best year ever.

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez, your mentoring coach.

Senior Leader of Paul and Silas Ministries.

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